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Seeing is Believing.

Arya Bhushan was legally blind, and his son, Rajiv, struggled to watch his father’s sight diminish while the pain of his affliction increased. Arya was suffering from age-related vision loss which included cataracts, complicated with photophobia, and dry AMD.

He was forced to wear dark glasses at all times because both sunlight and evening lights caused him pain and distress, forcing him to shade his eyes above his tinted glasses from the intrusive overhead glare. Soon, Arya could neither tolerate light from a computer monitor nor a reading lamp. He could no longer see his phone screen, and he lost the independence of performing everyday activities, including visiting his physicians.

Treatments Were Ineffectual
Ophthalmologists said that there were no treatments available for Arya’s multiple conditions, implying that his vision loss would ultimately lead to permanent blindness. 

Unable to accept his father’s blindness, Rajiv explored every avenue possible for the sake of his father’s health. He conducted multidisciplinary research across plant physiology, food biology, cardiology, cancer therapy, ophthalmology, and biochemistry, and other areas.

Rajiv’s research led him to invent a formulation that combined two ingredients already on the FDA list of Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) substances. He developed a number of formulations utilizing these ingredients and tested the formulations on himself before he treated his father. When he felt the combination was right, Arya had his opportunity for a new treatment. Within two weeks, Arya’s photophobia had reduced dramatically; he began reading and continued to improve for over a year.

The Genesis of Livionex
Arya ‘s restored the vision was just the beginning. Rajiv partnered with a forward-thinking and experienced entrepreneur, Amit Goswamy, to explore the potential for this eye drop to address the leading cause of blindness in the world – degenerative ocular disease.

And the rest is Livionex History…

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Rajiv Bhushan
Co-Founder & Chief Scientist



Over the years, we worked closely with Dr. Naseem Ansari at University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), Galveston. Our collaboration with her lab led us to a better understanding of how our technology modulated iron and calcium ions in the body. Dr. Ansari’s research showed the breadth of application of Livionex’s platform, allowing us to expand beyond ophthalmology into dermatology and oral care.