Single molecule that targets multiple diseases
expediting clinical approvals for new indications


Targets intracellular iron and calcium ions to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. Prevents and treats degenerative, viral, and inflammatory diseases.


Lead Formulation – L1220 – masks the negative charge of molecules enabling topical and intracellular delivery while maintaining efficacy.


New therapeutic pathway that delivers chelators across biological membranes (e.g. cells, blood brain barrier) to modulate metal ions.


Already have pre-clinical and clinical data in multiple diseases to prove platform versatility and viability (100+ studies conducted to date).


Zero serious adverse events in studies to date. Excellent safety profile mitigates risk and accelerates commercialization.


Multiple drug delivery methods – topical and oral  – deliver clinically effective doses. No invasive dosage required (e.g. intra-peritoneal or intravenous delivery).

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Metal ions are essential for life, but also play a key role in various disorders and diseases associated with oxidative stress, biofilm, virus translocation, inflammation, and metalo lipid/protein aggregates, as well as apoptosis/necrosis and ferroptosis.

As shown in the above diagram, free Iron is a catalyst in the generation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). This ROS leads to oxidative stress, elevating levels of intracellular iron and calcium. The increase in calcium ions initiates caspase and kinase cascades, causing apoptosis and/or necrosis. Furthermore, the excess iron ions result in a rise in the labile iron pool, and thus, ferroptosis.

The Company’s metal ion modulation technology effectively delivers chelator molecules topically as well as systemically through biological tissues and cell membranes to reduce elevated levels of metal ions. This patented technology has enabled the company to utilize a single molecule to address a wide range of diseases across  ophthalmology, dermatology, and oral care.

Worldwide intellectual property covering multiple indications

Our patents apply to a wide range of pathological conditions including inflammation, calcium signaling, ferroptosis, apoptosis, necrosis, metalo-lipid aggregates as well as biofilm-related pathologies (e.g. dental plaque). 

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Long patent life. IP covers class of molecules that address the role of iron and calcium in ophthalmology, dermatology, oral care, and more.



Major filing jurisdictions include US, EU, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia, India, China, Israel, Russia, New Zealand, Middle East.

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